Make money by using our Reseller System


mNotify’s Reseller System helps you make money by enabling you to BUY SMS credits at wholesale price and resell them to your customers at suitable prices of choice . mNotify’s Reseller System is available for Businesses,Students and Individuals.


Customized System For Free (No System Development Costs)

Choose Interface From 2 themes

System Updates & Maintenance

Administrator Section For Monitoring Clients

Detailed Statistics and reporting

No Server Costs

24/7 Technical Support

Unlimited API Keys For Different Users.

User-Friendly Interfaces & Help Files

How to Become a Reseller?

OPTION 1 : The set-up fee for reseller system is GHS 250 with an annual license Renewal fee of GHS 100.
After payments, you create a subdomain for your website and a CNAME Record and point it to We can assist you with the domain registration and a record creation.

OPTION 2 : Connect your application using our API key. This comes with no set up fee,just purchase your preferred bundle

OPTION 1- Set Up and SMS Cost
1.Register a domain (mNotify can help register a domain for you at a fee)
2.Create a CNAME record and point it to
3.Email the following details to

  • The Subdomain used for the A Record
  • Your mNotify Username [Phone Number]
  • Company Name
  • Link to terms and Conditions page
  • Footer content [Not Compulsory]
  • Email address for sending emails from app e.g.
  • Sender ID
  • Link to FAQ page
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus link[No Compulsory]
  • Link to company’s logo

The SMS bundle to purchase for the first three months should be a minimum of 15,000 SMS at 0.026 charges per SMS which costs GHS 390 and this should be done after account has been created. After the first three months, the charge per SMS for 15,000-199,999 is GHS 0.028. For purchases from 200,000 and above the charge per SMS is at 0.026. Value of SMS Credit is reduced if not used within 3 months after Purchase.

Why should I be part of mNotify Reseller System?

mNotify Reseller system is extremely transparent and manageable . It allows you to start and manage your own bulk SMS company with less or no technical know- how.


  1. The system enables you to capitalize your own logo online and acquire your own domain name.
  2. It is easy to use; web interface allows users to send quick SMS, group SMS and Bulk SMS.
  3. The reseller package does not only authorize you to manage your brand name but also advertise your text messaging service to the world.
  4. The reseller package comes with detailed statistics and Reporting enabling you to know which customers are sending the most SMS and plan accordingly.
  5. The reseller system allows you to set your own pricing making it easy to choose the price you prefer and the feel of better service.
  6. There is a minimum risk of data theft hence all data regarding contacts and customers stays with you.