Receive and access all your information wherever you find yourself.



The mNotify Notification System comprises of event notification, time table notification, exams notification, groups notification and fees notification systems. These are notification services that help you receive and access all your information wherever you find yourself.

Exam Time Table Notification

These are alerts in the form of text messages containing the time, type and venue of an exam the recipient has to take. It is usually employed by educational institutions like universities and polytechnics and even colleges and departments under them. The messages are sent a day before and on the day of the exam. Thus, students no longer have to fear missing exams due to problems of information accessibility

Exam Result Notification

Due to the fact that exam results are the consequence of examinations, this service exists to allow people to quickly access their results as soon as the results are available. They do not even have to be physically present at the examination centre. They receive their exam results as text messages on their phone.

Fees Notification

Paying of fees is inevitable when attending any institution. These fees are constantly changing for one reason or the other causing all sorts of inconveniences for the parties involved. With the mNotify Fees Notification service, fees are received as text messages on one’s mobile phone. Due to the effectiveness of the system, any changes in the fees can easily be done and updated to all subscribers of the service. This prevents the frustrations and surprises that people have to go through when they are not informed of changes well ahead of time.

Event Notification

There are many activities and events that go on in any given day that keeping track of them can become a bother. With this service, you can receive notifications of all events from seminars to conferences to crusades. Whether you are an organizer or a prospective participant, this is a great way to inform or be informed of current or future events.

Group Notification

Organizations and groups need to constantly send and receive information from their members in order for the group to function. Since most people own a mobile phone, it is most convenient to send all notices to members through SMS. The chances of the notice reaching the recipient is significantly higher than any other means and hence the offering of this service.


Send and receive notifications of events and changes in the event details easily.

 Send and receive  updates of examination details way before the exam takes place.

Send and receive notices to all members of any society or association you find yourself in.

Send and receive updates of all fees and payments well ahead of time to make the actual payment.

Send and receive examination results without being physically present.

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