Escalation Matrix

Fault Reporting Process

mNotify as a company believes in providing users the necessary support so as to use system seamlessly. Follow the process below if you want to log a complaint:

  • Send an email to which you will receive a ticket number
  • The team will endeavour to contact you within 20 minutes to assist you with any issue
  • You should escalate issue to the Customer Success Officer if there is no response within an hour but this will require your ticket number
  • If there is still no feedback after 12 hours you can further your escalation to the Operation Manager to assist and after 24 hours of no response you can send your complaints to the Managing Director

mNotify HelpDesk        Tel: +233541509394 

1 Support Executive : +233 (0) 54 150 9394
2 Customer Success Officer : +233 (0) 55 955 5728
3 Operations Manager Derrick O. Acheampong :
4 Managing Director Ronald Tagoe :